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China's Views on the Current International Situation

Currently, the international situation is undergoing complex and deep changes. Peace and development remain the main themes of the present times. World multipolarization and economic globalization continue their development in zigzags. For a period of time in the future, the basic posture of the international situation will be overall peace and localized war, overall easing and localized tension, overall stability and localized turbulence.

Peace and development of mankind are still faced with challenges that brook no neglect. The unfair and irrational old international political and economic order has not been fundamentally changed. Localized wars, tension and turbulence rise one after another. The gap between the South and the North has widened. Non-traditional security problems such as terrorism have become more salient and the uncertainties confronting global security have been on the increase.

Faced with the new challenges, all the countries should surmount the traditional concepts, go along with the tide of the times, enhance exchanges and cooperation and strengthen their mutual coordination. They should actively boost world multipolarization and democratization of international relations and strive to establish a new international economic order adapted to the development levels and demands of various countries. They should reform the irrational international financial and trade system to safeguard the right to equal development of all the countries, particularly the developing countries. The diversity of the development of civilizations of various countries should be respected. The various civilizations and diverse roads to development should coexist harmoniously, draw on others' strong points to make up one's own weak ones in competition and comparison and make common progress through seeking common ground and shelving differences.

China is ready, together with other countries, to enhance coordination and cooperation and exert active efforts to establish a fair and rational new international political and economic order and achieve lasting peace and universal prosperity in the world.