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The 9th China (Changchun) Education Fair



“The Health and Security Education Expo for Children and Teenagers 2008 & The 9th China (Changchun) Education Fair” were sponsored by Changchun Municipal People’s Government and organized by Changchun Municipal Bureau of Education. The event was also supported by Changchun Teaching Apparatus and Equipment Industry Association and Beijing Jinxiu World Culture Development Co., Ltd. It was held form September 11 to 13, 2008 at Changchun International Conference & Exhibition Center.    


For this event, high priority was given to the theme: security, education, health and harmony. Some 100 units reserved 480 exhibition booths this time, of which 254 were specially decorated, accounting for 53% of the total. The exhibition area reached 8,000 square meters, and about 12,000 people visited the event. The event was divided into three sections, namely, security and health interactive experience and business talks.