Changchun is a beautiful city with enriched cultural atmosphere. As approved by the Chinese Culture Ministry and in cooperation with the National Urban Sculpture Construction Guidance Committee, the City of Changchun has hosted the International Sculpture Symposium successfully for 7 sessions since 1997. The city has invited several hundred artists to realize their art dreams and contribute their efforts in sculpture making. Now, these sculptures have become hotspot in Changchun.
The hosting of seven sessions Changchun International Sculpture Symposium has left the city with 341 sculpture works by 296 noted sculptors from 130 counties and regions worldwide. Among these sculptors, some are world famous artists, some showed great development potentials.
Furthermore, the 2003 Changchun China International Sculpture Conference was held in the city from September 6 to 8, 2003. This conference was the first of its kind held in China with huge international influence. More than 700 distinguished guests from some 60 countries and regions participated in the said conference, among them, were 48 diplomats sent by 32 embassies and UNESCO. The Agency France Press (AFP), Reuters and other 20 international media and 130 Chinese media men made intensive and exclusive reports. The success in hosting these sculpture events, symposium and forum has pushed forward the exchanges and cooperation in the fields of culture and economy. It also promoted the image and popularity of Changchun greatly.
Changchun made great efforts in developing its square sculpture, street sculpture, garden sculpture, and community sculpture. Many sculptures have become landmarks of the city with their uniquely and timely spirit.