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Heavyweight Enterprises in Changchun


FAW Group

FAW Group is a large corporation group in the vehicle manufacturing industry of China, with its central enterprise known as China FAW Group Corporation. China FAW Group Corporation broke ground for its first factory on July 15, 1953. The late great leader Chairman Mao Zedong named and inscribed “Commemoration of the First Automobile Works” for the company from which the automobile industry of China started out. Over the past 50 years, FAW has long been shouldering the heavy burden for the development of the automobile industry of China, and has so far gone through three phases of large-scale development, namely, starting out, product transformation and factory reconstruction, and kick-starting car manufacture, with its products changed from trucks alone to the light-duty vehicles and cars. In 1991, working in partnership with Volkswagen AG, FAW constructed a new state-of-the-art automobile factory with an annual production capacity in excess of 150,000 units. In 2002, Tianjin Automobile Industry (Group) Corporation was merged into FAW Group Corporation, and began joint venture production with Toyota Motor Corporation. FAW has 29 wholly owned subsidiaries and 14 holding subsidiaries, three of which are listed companies including “FAW Car Co. Ltd”, “FAW Xiali Automobile Co. Ltd.,” and “FAW Sihuan Automobile Co. Ltd.,” as well as the R&D Center with the abilities of developing new products, technologies and materials. 


The group has over RMB 80 billion assets and 0.126 million employees. For the past 50 years, FAW has accumulatively produced and sold over 5 million vehicles of different kinds such as light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, cars, passenger cars and mini vehicles. In addition to continuing to consolidate and develop the domestic market, it has been expanding the international market shares to establish a global marketing and purchasing system step by step. So far, it’s set up five regional companies and 11 representative offices (including assembling plants) in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America and North America, having exported 32,000 vehicles in total, gained USD 520 million in sales and USD 6 million in import and export volume. In line with the operating mentality of “putting customers in the first place”, and its dream of “making every family in China have a car”, FAW is right on the way to build a new FAW of a “mega scale, digitalized management and internationalized operation”. 


FAW-Volkswagen Product Line

The FAW Group has its headquarters in Changchun, including FAW Jiefang Truck Co. Ltd. and Fawer Automobile Parts Co. Ltd., which are wholly owned subsidiaries; FAW Car Co. Ltd., Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co. Ltd., and Changchun FAW Sihuan Automobile Co. Ltd., and FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co. Ltd. and Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. Ltd., etc., producing such brands as Jiefang medium and heavy-duty truck, HQ (red flag), Jetta, Bora, Golf, Audi A4, Audi A6 and Mazda 6 and so on.


Production Base in Northeast China: with Changchun as the center, the manufacturers of complete cars, engines and spare parts in northeast China include: FAW Jilin Light Automobile Factory, FAW Harbin Light Automobile Factory, FAW Siping SPV Factory, FAW Fawer manufacturing pumps, standard parts and springs, FAW Jiefang Co., Ltd., Dalian Diesel Engine Factory and FAW Passenger Car Co., Ltd., Dalian Passenger Car Factory, of which FAW Jilin Light Automobile Factory is capable of producing 0.1 million cars every year.


Production Base in Tianjin: Tianjin FAW Automobile Co., Ltd., and Huali (Tianjin) FAW Automobile Co., Ltd., are the two car production bases of FAW in the Tianjin-Beijing region of Bohai Bay, producing such brands as XIALI, VIZI, VELA and FAW VITA and so on.


Production Base in Shandong: FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd., Qingdao Factory and FAW Shandong Automobile Works are the two production bases of medium and heavy-duty trucks. The Qingdao Factory can manufacture 0.1 million medium and heavy-duty trucks every year.


Production Base in East China: FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory, FAW (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., FAW Technology Center Wuxi Research Institute, and other development and research units, together with Anhui Wuhu Yangzi Automobile Factory, constitute the production base of FAW in East China. 


Production Base in Southwest China: FAW Hongta Auto Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and FAW Group Liuzhou SPV Factory constitute the production base in Southwest China, which produce such brands as Jiefang medium and heavy-duty trucks, light vehicles, as well as medium and large-sized passenger cars.


In addition, FAW Hainan Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer of complete cars, which is known as a plant of FAW located furthest from the headquarters in the south. And FAW Shenzhen Co., Ltd., is a flagship enterprise engaged in assembling, marketing and supplying post-sale services in the frontier of the costal reform and opening-up regions. 



Haoyue Group

The Haoyue Group is a sizable agricultural industrialized flagship enterprise, known as a “responsible and reliable” enterprise, ranking atop the list of the top 20 meat processing enterprises in China.  


Haoyue's modern beef processing project began production in 2000, with a registered capital of 55 million yuan (US$6.6 million). The company has imported advanced slaughtering equipments from eleven countries, with an annual slaughtering capacity of 500,000 cattle and 300,000 sheep. It also has a production annual capacity of 100,000 tons of cooked food products. Besides, 500,000 farmers has benefited from raising cattle for Haoyue group with their combined annual income increasing by 500 million yuan.

"Haoyue" was recognized by the Chinese government as the first renowned Chinese brand in beef product industry in June 2006. There are 21 critical control points and 6 inspection and quarantine procedures through the whole production line, which makes the beef products more fresh, delicious and healthy.


Making full use of the abundant agricultural resources in the province, Haoyue Group has developed an industrial chain of cattle breeding, slaughtering and cutting, cooked food processing, leather processing, active organic fertilizer and biological products, etc.


Haoyue has entered into an agreement with Italian leather producer Mario Levi Group Co on a series of leather projects, with lots of quality leather products to be supplied to customers around the world.