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Economic Profile


In 2010, the GDP of Changchun City amounted to RMB332.9 billion, up 15.3% year on year. The value added of the first industry, the second and the third one was RMB25.27 billion, RMB171.99 billion and RMB135.64 billion, an increase of 3.3%, 19.0% and 12.6% from last year’s record, respectively. The ratio of the first, the second and the third industry was 7.6%:51.7%:40.7%; and their respective contribution rate to economic growth was 1.5%, 64.1% and 34.4%. The GDP per capita reached RMB43,936 (USD6635), a year-on-year increase of 14.8%


The GDP (RMB100 million, Prices of the Year)


The all-inclusive fiscal revenues of the city saw an increase of 25.0% to RMB56.34 billion. The local fiscal revenues reached RMB18.08 billion, up 26.8%, including RMB14.11 billion from tax revenues, a surge of 21.2%. The local fiscal expenditures went up by 25.1% to RMB38.29 billion, including RMB5.79 billion on education, up 20.2%; RMB5.11 billion on social security and employment, up 5.0%; RMB2.56 billion on medical care and health, up 6.6%; and RMB790 million on transportation, down 0.6%. The proportion of all-inclusive fiscal revenues in the GDP stood at 16.9%, or 1.1 percentage points higher than last year’s record.


The CPI totaled 103.6%, or a surge of 3.8 percentage points from last year’s record. The prices of the eight categories of products increased, while those of tobacco, liquor and household necessaries as well as maintenance and fix service, transportation and communications products went down to different levels. 


The producer prices of industrial products increased by 0.26%, with a surge of 0.15% in the prices of means of production; 0.39% in household necessaries and 3.58% in the purchase prices of raw materials, fuels and power.