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Nan’an Chamber of Commerce Forms Joint Force for Development


Changchun, June 18 (CTV News)—Tens of hundreds of people from Fujian Province are now making their contributions to the development of private economy of Changchun City.


With unique resource advantages from hometown and through their own hard work, they have settled in Changchun and formed to a joint force in growing their businesses.


It has been 11 years since Nan’an Chamber of Commerce in Changchun City was established. The number of chamber members has now exceeded 211 covering ten plus fields including stone material, heating supply valve, electromechanical device, sanitary ware and firefighting equipment. Statistics show that 80% of stone-based building materials are from Shuitou Stone Material Wholesale Center, Nan’an of Fujian Province, 50% firefighting equipment and valves are made by private enterprises from Nan’an, and business dealers from Nan’an of Fujian Province can be found in nearly all large wholesale centers in Changchun City. According to Huang Zhong, Chairman of Nan’an Chamber of Commerce in Changchun City, to be the pioneer and the winner through hard work is the spirit of the people from Nan’an. Previously, we did our businesses separately. Now, however, we are working as one. We also organize members on a routine basis to study business policies and regulations. “As a group, the chamber has its own reputation. So all members will have to think about how to protect and make it better recognized. A business unit is hard to grow big, but a group of businesses will make a difference,” said Hong Shunxing, President of Lianxin Investment Management Company Limited of Jilin Province.   


The platforms like Nan’an Chamber of Commerce have played a positive role in strengthening and deepening the economic and trade relations between Changchun and Fujian Province. Next, Nan’an Chamber of Commerce will work on such projects as Minshang Building, Economic Headquarters of Fujian Province and International Stone Material Center in Changchun. In an environment where the development of private economy is highlighted, the chamber will continue its contribution to the development of Changchun City.