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Private Economy Development Summit Held


Changchun, June 28 (Changchun Daily)—The Summit on the Development of Private Economy of Changchun City opened at Changchun International Conference Center on June 27, 2013. Among the guests attending the meeting included government officials Zheng Wenzhi, Wu Dejin, Liu Desheng and Li Weidou as well as domestically famous economists, experts and entrepreneurs.


“Changchun is now in an opportunity period for economic restructuring, expansion of pillar industries and growth of emerging industries. The CPC Changchun Municipal Committee and the People’s Government of Changchun City have attached great importance to the development of private economy, with more effort put into such aspects as broadening investment fields, improving operational conditions, optimizing development environment and reinforcing legal construction. Private economy has become an important force supporting and propelling the growth of economy. Compared with developed areas, however, Changchun is still left behind in terms of aggregate, scale, tax revenue and scientific innovation. The goal of holding the summit is to push forward the development of private economy, cultivate and form the city’s business culture,” said Zheng Wenzhi, Deputy Secretary General of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee.


Other participants including Wang Zhongming, Zhang Qi, Song Donglin, Zhang Feng and Cao Heping also delivered thought-provoking speeches at the meeting.