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The 4th Changchun Entrepreneurship Expo Show Five Features



Changchun, May 2 (Changchun Daily)—The organizing committee says the 4th Changchun Entrepreneurship Expo will show five features.


Open Investment Attraction and Talent Recruitment Channel for Private Enterprises

In the course of development, key technical problems can hardly be solved without highly skilled talents. Usually, enterprises will have a hard time in obtaining such talents at ordinary job fairs or from intermediary institutions. This year, however, enterprises are able to solve this problem at the section opened for “Investment Attraction and Talent Recruitment”.


Create Exchange Platform for “International High-caliber Talents”

To improve the level and quality of exchanges and cooperation with the city’s foreign partners, the organizing committee will set up a platform for international high-caliber talents and thus get employers and their potential talents and projects matched with each other.


Set up School-Enterprise Matching Platform

The organizing committee says effort will be put into setting up a school-enterprise matching platform so that school-industry-research institute achievements made by 20 higher learning institutions of Changchun City can be displayed, thereby making it possible that teachers can take their students to take a look at the achievements, and their students can also talk with the enterprises they are interested in.


Attract Outstanding Entrepreneurial Projects to Changchun

This year, 500 plus outstanding entrepreneurial projects from all over the country will be displayed at Pavilion III. In the meantime, these projects will be categorized and introduced to different groups of people in an effort to create a national distribution center for entrepreneurial projects.


The 1st Entrepreneurial Project Contest to Settle in Changchun

Due to the event’s increasing influence, China Council for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center have decided to hold the 1st Entrepreneurial Project Contest in host city Changchun.