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Railway Vehicle & Equipment Manufacturing

The goal by 2015 is to increase the productivity of rail vehicle makers to 5,000 units, including 1,500 CRH trains, 500 ordinary passenger trains and 3,000 rail transit vehicles. The output value of railway vehicle and equipment manufacturing sectors is expected to reach RMB150 billion in total. The output value of railway vehicle industry will reach RMB100 billion, and the rate of supplying spare parts by Changchuns spare parts makers to engine plants will go up to 50%. And the output value of other equipment manufacturing sectors will amount to RMB50 billion.


Key Points for Development

1. CRH Trains, New-type Rail Transit Vehicles

Priority will be given to digesting and absorbing internationally top-notch technologies for high-speed trains and new-type rail transit vehicles and thus improving the abilities of designing and making independently such core parts as traction system, braking system, frame and train body.  


2. Farming Machineries

Priority will given to the development of medium and large tractors (50-120 hp), head-feed rice combine harvesters, high-efficiency corn combine harvesters, high-speed rice transplanting machines and other farming machineries to restore the citys advantages in this regard.


3. Automobile Making Equipment

Priority will be given to such products as mould forging and car body coating, heavyweight friction welding and camshaft grinding equipment well as digital control machine tool, jig, etc. 


4. Special Purpose Machinery & Top-end Equipment Manufacturing

Priority will be given to the development of precise devices used for new, unique or heavy-duty machineries and aviation electronics.


5. Electric Power Equipment

Priority will be given to the development of large electric power equipment as well as new energy development and utilization equipment.